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We Are The Galaxy: A Channeled Message

WE are The will call us The High Council of Light...WE are here to share this important message. Firstly, Know this,WE Love you.

Know that you are Loved. Know that you are Love. Your essence is purity, and this can never change.

You are experiencing the great shifts that are intended, you might say planned. WE are continuously observing, conferring, counseling with you all, asking you to go within your heart, for this is where your answers are. So many of you are continuing to seek your answers without, therefore experiencing the looping of the same energy that you so desire you escape. You have been perpetuating this looping for many timelines....thousands you would say.

There is no time. There is only Now. Multitude of Nows, continuous flowing Nows.

Your lower mind will not comprehend this, and this energy will most likely be confusing. But this is just the lower mind’s confusion, because it’s been generating the same vibration continuously.

How do you release the lower repeating mind, and rise up to Higher, Source Mind? Through Meditation. And it’s simple. WE recommend you go into Nature, where the energy is higher, and clarity is experienced. Nature is calming, soothing. Even just having a few potted plants in your outdoor space of your home will bring you into a peaceful state of being. WE ask that you look at the plants, at Nature, and really breathe Her in, see Her, smell Her, and allow Her to help you focus. Focus on your Heart. And feel. Feel everything. You are open, safe and loved, especially in Nature. You all are One with All. Really.

You will begin knowing the energies that shifting, changing, moving currently. You will feel what is happening, and what is coming in. You will receive visions. You will hear information through your heart. You will perceive Higher Knowledge through your heart. All beings have this beautiful ability. You just have to bring focus to it. And then, you will know, you will feel what is occurring, what action to initiate, because you receive the answers through your heart, your Loving Self.

WE know the dark appears to be gaining, and increasing. This is just because that darkness is being culminated, rounded up so to speak, concentrated. WE brought it up from the depths of your lower fields, where it was embedded, rooted, holding that lower vibration, and holding you all, so that it can be revealed, seen, experienced. It must be healed to be cleared, transformed. And it is. Know this.

The darkness is merely a small, grey spot on humanity. In the Great Picture, there is only Light. This minuscule shadow is diminishing. It is fighting for its last voice, its last breath, but it is being transformed. Know this.

WE are Now shifting the energies on your planet, and directing Higher Vibrations into your planet, into your energetic fields, so greater shifts are occurring. WE have been preparing you for these higher vibrations, and continue to, as WE bring IN the Great Shifting Vibration, what many of you call The Great Flash. It is actually Waves of Light flowing in increments, so your systems can adjust in Balance. There is only One Path. This is the Divine Path, the Light Path. All who do not choose this Path, will be given opportunities to raise their vibration in other spaces, other planets. Those that do not desire this will be swept up the the containment of lower energies, and become One again. And start New again, as WE have so many instances.

You all are the fractals of Light, an Divine extension of this Great, wonderful, expansive energy.

On the Higher Levels, WE choose all of this. You are not power less. You are Power Full. And you find this Power Full Light, with IN your Heart.

WE Love You. WE are Love. WE are Light.

Channeled by Sonya Wilder

August 2020

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