Healing Through The Heart started with my healing journey to heal my heart, which is a continuous process, because we heal in layers. That’s the beauty of the journey into Higher Awareness. It’s always about the process, not the destination. 

The more I heal my beautiful heart, the more I have to offer others. This is True for everyone. We all have our own unique gifts, talents, and skills to share. Our own unique perceptions. This is how we learn about the world, each other, and ultimately our Self. The Healing Through The Heart journey is a Self journey. It’s exciting! 


All sessions are unique, depending on the person.  For those who want to dive right in, there's the 4 Hour session. This session is Life Changing, in the most amazing way. For those who want a slower Path to Healing, there's the 1 Hour session. I highly recommend experiencing the 4 Pack, to receive continuous support from me. 


Here are some examples of what people want to heal~

The Inner Child, childhood trauma, sexual wounds, sexual abuse, addictions, repeating negative patterns, weight gain/loss issues, nutritional deficiencies, digestive issues, needing a healthier diet, disease in the body, emotional trauma, mental trauma, past lives, future lives, karma, Twin Flame connections, ancestral lineage, clogged/blocked Chakras, physical blocks, what is the best diet, activate the psychic senses. What is the best job for me, the best location to live, will I make more money, when and how. 


People want to talk with loved ones in the Astral Plane who have died, and pets who have crossed over. They want to know who their Spirit Guides and Angels are. They want to know where they really come from, feeling Earth is not their home. They feel they're from another planet, another Star System, another dimension   They know they speak and/or write Light Language, and want to activate it. They want to know who their Soul Family is. 


The most common question for a session is~What Is My Life Purpose? We find out in your Healing Through The Heart session. 

If you want to heal, you will. You Create your Reality, through your beliefs, and your feelings. Healing Through The Heart includes activating and increasing all spiritual senses, self healing abilities. I use hypnosis, energy healing, Light Language, and all my other amazing Healing tools, to help you heal karma, using past life Regression, future life progression, connecting with all parts of yourself, in all times, all spaces, that need healing, so you’re integrated, focused, joyous, Heart Centered, right here, right now, experiencing Life through your Heart. 

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Healing Through The Heart clients have healed some of these health issues through their sessions:
Heart Disease

Diabetes-All types

All Cancers in all stages

Intestinal issues

Cartilage repaired

Bones healing

Vision/Hearing fully restored

Skin problems

Lung issues

Back problems

Neck/Shoulder issues

Liver diseases healed

Kidney issues healed

Open skin wounds being completely healed

Viruses completely healed

Migraines healed and causes explained

The mind can heal ANYTHING. Mental focus, intention, Belief. Believe it, and it is so. Imagination is Intuition.
Preparation for your session: 

Practice relaxing, breathing, visualizing beautiful places within. Please sign up for my free newsletter through my website. You will receive the free Energy Running Meditation. It’s very helpful.  Sleep well the night before,. Take a relaxing walk outside prior to your session. This will help you relax and focus more easily, as you will be sitting and lying down for several hours. Write out all your questions (suggestions emailed to you prior to your session), journal your Intentions for your session.

Drink a lot of clean water, healthy fresh juices, coconut water prior to your session. Hydrated tissues are an easy conduit of communication and healing. 

It is easier to go deeper into healing with as little solid food in your stomach as possible. If you eat, please eat vegetables and fruit. A fresh, organic chopped salad is wonderful and feels good.

Wear comfortable, loose clothing you would sleep in for the session. If you sleep in socks, bring a pair to wear. You will be under a blanket for part of the session.

Please practice clean hygiene before your session. Bathing, no cologne or perfumes, no strong scents. I will be using the purest, organic essential oils on you during your session  to help you relax, unless you are allergic.