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Judgement & Wisdom

Judgment means implementing truth. Wisdom means accessing whether a person wants truth.

This statement has been presented to me multiple instances in the last few days. As we flow closer towards The Lion’s Gate Portal opening beginning July 26, with the apex occurring on August 8-8/8, I am experiencing insightful, and sometimes profound moments of clarity about the difference between judgement and Wisdom. I’m witnessing so many online discussions about duality. The discussions may be titled with other subjects, like Humanity’s current crises, but really, all the discussions are about Duality. Are you this or that? Do you support this or that? Are you going to get this or not? Are you anti this or not? And so on. I have also engaged in these duality discussions. Not a lot. I have consciously chosen to focus on Divine Neutrality as much as I can harness my ego. I have maintained this frequency pretty well, considering.

What I’m asking is, why do we fear duality? That’s Bad! That’s Good! In my Universe, it’s the fear, the judgment, that’s causing the looping of our experience. Duality is necessary for growth. In the 3rd and 4th densities, we require duality to experience the mirror reflection of our internal experience. Isn’t this why we play The Game-Human Life, and lower our vibration so we can experience duality?

It’s essential that we understand what Lion’s Gate is, so we can consciously shift from judgement to wisdom. Lion’s Gate is when the Sun in the sign of Leo aligns with the Star Sirius and Earth, creating an energetic frequency that pushes us to make bold changes from our Heart Center (Leo rules Heart), to experience a more Love focused life. Any qualities, programs, emotions that interfere with this leap will be brought up from the depths of the subconscious mind to be healed, prior to Lion’s Gate opening.

Now I have noticed this subconscious clearing in prior years, but nothing like this year of 2021. In my DNA family, old wounds are revealing in my daily life. My sister Julie left her body in early 2007 from cancer, which was a total game changer in my family. We did not see this coming, and 3 of us are psychics. We grieved then, and years after, but now another wave of grief is erupting from my system, revealing to me that I suppressed quite a lot. My brother Michael left our family almost a year after this, apparently deciding he didn’t want to experience life together anymore. This wasn’t a surprise, since he was mostly outside our family since his early teens. For the last few days, his “shadow” has been showing up in my world in obvious ways. My sister has been “making appearances” for the last week, through animals, insects and rainbows. She’s been showing up this way since she died, but lately it’s been cinematic. And this morning, my father, whom I do not align well with, played out a looping negative behavioral pattern that’s been playing since I was 10 years old. We are clearing old programs, energies, and emotions.

Judgement is arising. It is definitely holding Humanity in a looping pattern, so we’re experiencing major growing pains. In the last few days, I have observed the topic of judgement in many social media posts, and in my own daily life. What are we fearing? Difference? We are Human so we can experience difference. The Theme of Planet Earth is Diversity. Notice all the different species, plants, terrain this tiny planet holds! According to my Higher Self, Councils, Collectives, and all the HS/Guides of all my clients, this is THE diverse planet in all Universe!

Understanding this, we can shift our focus embracing difference, reflecting on how diversity has shifted us personally, and fostered inner growth. We can consciously choose Wisdom to share Heart focused insights with others in a manner that shows support for ourselves, and for them, so that everyone feels supported, heard and validated.

In my Universe, Wisdom is the pause, breath, focus on Self Love, and asking internally before you share-Is what you say helping another, or hurting? I have much inner work to do on this, especially since Sonya means Wisdom. I clearly wanted this name to learn Wisdom, as I am not embodying it yet. I do have moments of Wisdom, but I have much inner soul fine tuning to align with.

What are you clearing from your subconscious mind as we flow towards Lion’s Gate? What hidden matters are revealing in your Universe? Are you ready for the next level? A higher vibration?

We can talk about A New Earth, 5D, but to align with it, we must shift within, as this is where it is. And this takes constant practice, until it doesn’t.

May this post INspire you to BE more Conscious in your Now, and help you understand what is possibly occurring in your experience as 8/8 flows IN. You are heard, seen and Loved.

I Appreciate and Love You Sonya

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