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QHHT & BQH Sessions

I offer Online and In Person QHHT, BQH Sessions. These sessions are Life Changing, for deep healing on a Quantum level, for those in their Spiritual Awakening.


If you need Life Coaching, Psychic Readings, Astrology/Numerology insights, Nutrition/Cleansing/Fasting Guidance, Aromatherapy, then

I offer Online Healing sessions, which do not include QHHT or BQH. Please read through the Book Online page for all sessions information. 

I am an Affiliate with these small businesses-
Mountain Rose Herbs
I am excited that MRH shares my Love of Healthy Living, Higher Consciousness, and an eco lifestyle. I'm passionate about MRH products and use them in my sessions, classes, and daily life. People ask what products I use. Now you can buy them through me, receiving the High Vibration quality I use and love. 

Simply Divine Botanicals

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I'm also excited to be an affiliate with SDB! I now use their body butters and face creams as my main makeup, for sun care, and all over skin health. All their butters and creams are Reiki infused! I highly recommend their Sample Packs, to learn which ones are best for you. Purchase here through their site, put in my code-Wilder, at checkout, and receive a 10% Discount on your entire order.

Become a Member of UNIFYD, the New and Growing Higher Conscious learning platform, where I teach The High Vibrational Diet Workshop, Light Language Meditations, Activations and Clearings.

You can now join UNIFYD Premium, a learning and social media free speech platform, or just join the Free social media platform UNIFYD WORLD. Similar to big social platforms, but better. 

Use my Teacher Code - WISDOM to receive a Lifetime Membership Discount on Monthly and Annual Memberships.




"I came to my session with Sonya with intention to develop and better connect with my intuitive voice. I have trouble trusting my inner-knowing and recognizing it from the other chatter in my mind. This self-doubt holds me back from growing along my spiritual path. My session helped me to clearly identify my intuitive voice. The session was so effective in this because at its essence, it offers a framework and a process to practice listening to and following that inner-knowing, the first imprint, and trusting it!"

Jason T.

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