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Compassion For Consciousness Webinar
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Compassion for Consciousness Webinar | Healing The Inner Child Through Compassion 

Compassion is a Bridge, a Gateway, to Higher Consciousness. Unity. 

Compassion heals the wounded self. Ego. Compassion brings us to understanding- why we listen to and act from our ego. Fear. 

Then our vibration rises, and we align with Higher Frequencies, Higher Consciousness, and come into the Center Self. Zero Point. Self Love. Oneness. 

In this 1 Hour Webinar, Sonya guides you into your inner self using hypnosis, to find your deepest fear, and heal it with Compassion. Then she guides you into healing old programs, toxins, stuck energy, using a New Energy Healing technique channeled to her. To complete this powerful session, Sonya uses Light Language Clearings and Activations to help you focus your New Light into your system, and experience Higher states of Consciousness. 


What is a Bit Session? | BIT Sessions are for those that want bits of Sonya’s guidance. For those that are not ready for a full session, or Life Coaching Group. For those that are raising vibration in preparation for a bigger session.