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Welcome to what could be the most heart expanding and healing experience of your life.

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My YouTube Channel | Helping people to Heal Through The Heart, using Quantum Hypnosis, energy healing, Light Language, nutrition, cleansing/fasting, yoga, and Life Coaching
Meet Sonya

I'm Sonya Wilder, Quantum Healer. I have been a healing practitioner most of my life. My style of Quantum Healing Hypnosis, what I call Healing Through The Heart is one of the MOST powerful healing modalities I have practiced. ​With Healing Through The Heart sessions, clients have shared their profound healing experiences, feeling clearer, more present, relaxed, joyous, creative and Divinely observant. They share they feel more after their session than before. 

$222 | Quantum Healing Hypnosis Sessions

I'm now offering my online and in-person Quantum Healing Hypnosis sessions at a minimum deposit of $222 to secure the booking. Then a donation to be made after the session.

The donation following the session can be of your choosing, inline with what you feel the session is worth.

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