I wanted to check in with some great news.   Since our session together there have been so many positive changes.  
One instance that still amazes me is the pain in my left shoulder blade is COMPLETELY gone.   For years and years this has been an on going area of constant pain.   I have tried so many modalities.  Massage, PT, acupuncture, Guasha, to name just a few.   I had come to the conclusion that it was most definitely an area that held onto and manifested as physical pain but it was something much deeper.  During our session we were able to release my knee pain. I decided to keep asking what is it that i am holding there.  Finally on my way to work the other day, The song lyrics of THE HEART OF THE MATTER by Don Henley....Forgiveness came on...and instantly i pulled over, turned the car off, bowed my head and began to list off everything and everyone (including my moms second husband, who molested me as a child) that i needed to grant forgiveness to...the pain immediately left my body and has not returned :) I am so very thankful for your guidance in my journey!  Thank you for sharing the love and the light with me!  
I will continue to work and will contact you for another session when i feel i need it.  
Much love ~

Michelle D.

I came to my QHH session with Sonya with intention to develop and better connect with my intuitive voice. I have trouble trusting my inner-knowing and recognizing it from the other chatter in my mind. This self-doubt holds me back from growing along my spiritual path. My QHH session helped me to clearly identify my intuitive voice. The QHH session was so effective in this because at its essence, it offers a framework and a process to practice listening to and following that inner-knowing, the first imprint, and trusting it!

Jason T.

The QHH session really did make a difference. The part that really hits home is the conversation with my Higher Self. In addition to that, the healing that you do during that part of the session. Very powerful after you re-listen to the session. You are an Earthly guide directing us on a Healing, Loving Path. That is how I see it. You are doing beautiful work. Just know this. I feel that our session really helped me connect with my Higher Self more than ever. I am so grateful for that.

Eileen Hickey LMT

I have been listening to the QHH session recording for days, opening my heart and releasing stuck energy/old story/fear of lack or wrongdoing. I feel great now. Sinuses clearing. I think wait...listen...the session has been such a useful tool It's been so easy to see the ego....what a fiction!

Sara Munson

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