Quantum Healing Hypnosis


Quantum Healing started with past life regression, and now it encompasses future lives, parallel lives, lives in other planets in other Star Systems, other dimensions, in the Astral Realm/Other Side, in the Akashic Records, in other healing spaces. Whatever needs to be experienced to create healing in THIS now.  We are multi-dimensional.  This is BQH-Beyond Quantum Healing. Sonya calls her unique sessions QHH.

People want a QHH session because they're curious about it. They want to know their life purpose, about family, are they doing the right line of work, health issues.  Clients want clarity on why their life is what it is,  and how they can live more fully and happily. Clients want to know why they experience repeated patterns, and how they can heal and transform them.

Clients come with health issues-diseases, illnesses, pain, depression, discomfort, addictions. They want these issues healed. The client heals them self,  and I facilitate the healing. They come with Spiritual questions, about Universe, God, Source,  We connect and communicate with the Highest aspect of you, whether you call it Higher Self, Higher Consciousness, Universal Mind, Over Soul, We will bring this Highest aspect of you into the body more, as we talk about what hypnosis is, your reasons for wanting this life changing experience, how easy and simple this process is, your life and all it's issues,.who your Guides are, talk with any loved ones that have left this dimension. We will do a body scan while you are under hypnosis to find out what is causing your body pain, disease, imbalances, what are the best foods for your body, etc. All areas that help the client heal now will be experienced and integrated. All sessions are unique and powerful.

If an individual wants to heal, they will, if it doesn't interfere with their life's lessons. We create our own reality, through belief and feeling. Sessions include activating and increasing all spiritual senses, self healing abilities.

Quantum Healing practitioners globally have facilitated clients to heal some of these health issues-

Heart Disease

Diabetes-All types

All Cancers in all stages

Intestinal issues

Cartilage repaired

Bones healing

Vision/Hearing fully restored

Skin problems

Lung issues

Back problems

Neck/Shoulder issues

Open skin wounds being completely healed

Liver diseases healed

Kidney issues healed

AIDS cured and removed from the body

Migraines healed and causes explained


The mind can heal ANYTHING. Mental focus, intention, Belief. Believe it, and it is so. Imagination is Intuition.


                              Client Preparation for their session- 

Prior to the day of the session, prepare a list of questions, limiting them to 20. 

Life Questions-

What is my Life Purpose?

How many lives have I had with current people in my life, and what karma is there with them?

Where is the best place for me to live, and when will this happen?

Health Questions-

Why do I have addictions, and how can I release them

Why do I carry too much weight, and how can I release it?

Spiritual Questions-

Who/what are my Spirit Animals?

Who are my Guides?

Relationships Questions-

How can I give more Love to my family, friends, community?

Do I have karma with current family, and what am I learning with them?

These are just samples. Whatever questions arise, write them down and bring them to your session. Please know that whatever your Higher Self/Guides want you to know, that information will come up naturally during your session.


Ask your Heart what it needs answers to. You will receive the answers that support you now. Set an Intention that your session will be just what you need, and it will. Your Higher Self/Guides will be working with you, preparing you once you agree to your session. 

Limit your caffeine 3 days prior, and if you need coffee that morning, just one cup please.

No alcohol/drugs/substances at least 3 days prior to your session. Do not use any substances to relax the day of your session. They interfere with hypnosis. If you have any substance in your system, your session with not be conducted.

Practice relaxing, breathing, visualizing beautiful places within.  Sleep well the night before,. Take a relaxing walk outside prior to your session. This will help you go into hypnosis more easily, as you will be sitting and lying down for several hours.

Drink a lot of clean water, vegetable juices, green tea prior to your session. Hydrated tissues are an easy conduit of communication and healing. 

It is easier to go into deep hypnosis with as little solid food in your stomach as possible. If you eat, please eat vegetables and fruit. A fresh, organic chopped salad is wonderful and feels good.

Wear comfortable, loose clothing you would sleep in for the session. If you sleep in socks, bring a pair to wear. You will be under a blanket for the hypnosis part of the session.

Please practice clean hygiene before your session. Bathing, no cologne or perfumes, no strong scents. I will be using the purest, organic essential oils on you before hypnosis to help you relax, unless you are allergic. 

Your session is your time, for releasing and healing. No one is allowed to be in your session. If you are being dropped off/picked up, they must go somewhere else while you are having a 4 hour session. They cannot wait outside the room. We create a safe, clear energy within the space, and without.