My Offerings...


Quantum Healing Hypnosis-4 Hours-$400

You will receive the most transformative, healing experience that your Higher Self knows you need.

Possible experiences: Past life regression, healing your childhood, future life experiences, in between lives in Light, learning who your Guides are, learning who your Soul Family is, why you chose this life and what you came to master, a health panel with a body scan from Higher Self/Guides to heal the body, Universal Wisdom and life's answers.

An audio recording of the hypnosis part and digital notes are given to you right after your session.

Beyond Quantum Healing Online-4 Hours- $400

Quantum Healing online is so powerful. I use all my healing modalities during the session, while you relax and receive in the comfort and safety of your own space. We use Zoom, which records the session in video and separate audio files that you will receive immediately after the session. These sessions save money if you cannot come to my area for an in person session.

QHH Tune Up-3 Hours-$300

For many 1 session is just a beginning. Other's need a check-in after their big session. These sessions include energy, crystal and sound healing.

Sessions are in my office in SW Portland, Oregon

Quantum Healing Online-1 Hour-$90

This session is for those who feel they are not ready for a full 4 hour session, those who think they cannot be hypnotized. The online Zoom session is recorded and emailed to you. We focus on one key area in your life you desire to heal, practice meditation as preparation for hypnosis, and dive into hypnosis practices where we ask for answers to the one key question you have.