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The Ascended Masters and Galactics Are Within

The Ascended Masters and Galactics Are Within

I want to share some of my recent experiences, since it’s what I came to Gaia to contribute at this moment. I have shared somewhat on social media about my role in Ascension-The Evolution of Humanity. Now I AM Being pushed to come forward more with details.

I AM focused within my Self. This is easy for me to just BE in this state. And now, as the Solar Frequencies are flowing Into Earth’s Field more daily, and my frequencies are rising, the Ascended Masters, which I know and experience that I embody, are coming through my energetic field to open my Heart Center more. I AM experiencing an ease of Love flowing through my Centers and Channels as never before in this current life, or any other that come through my cells into memory. I have all ways been a very Loving personality, very affectionate. I came into this body pouring Love to All who will receive. It’s just easy. And in the last week, I AM experiencing more Radiant Love flowing through my energy fields, and this flow is channeling the most fluent expressions of Love to my family, friends, clients-to every one.

The Ascended Masters shared that Christ Consciousness, some call this The Second Coming Of Christ, is flowing within Light Workers, Star Seeds, Way Showers so much now, preparing US for the Solar Flash, The Event. What everyone is waiting for. And this Event, this Great Solar Flash, is Within. Now, I have heard, read, learned of this Event Solar Flash for decades. I first learned about it in the late 1980’s, secretly living the life of a Healer. I learned this Solar Flash would occur around the End Times, December 21, 2012 Mayan Calendar End Of Times, guiding us into the Golden Age of Aquarius, The Age Of Love.

You must know-WE are all The Event! Our Internal Awakening is it! It’s happening NOW. It’s Individual, and also Collective. A wave-one Light Worker sees through Real Eyes that they are Source with IN, then Inspires those close to them to go with IN, and so on. Like the most Divine Gossip wave of energy, flowing.

So early this morning, the Galactics came through the Astral Plane to show me that They Are Here, which I have experienced, but to experience the Galactic Fleet in Astral perception is just so exciting and thrilling! It’s a part of the Movie of Life that I never tire of! It’s the epic moment in The Film that just keeps you going through all this ridiculous zombie apocalypse lower vibrational density drama, that was placed in The Movie of Life as the comedic parts to show how ridiculous ego gets when it’s off the Heart Center Zero Point!

So in my Astral State, I was in an expansive outdoor setting during early evening, with many people around me who I didn’t know in this reality, but I did there, we were sharing food. Suddenly, the clouds in the Twilight Sky uncloaked, and became the most most Beautiful Light Ships. Different shapes, all of Higher Vibrational Light. No colors, just the slightly faded higher vibrational shapes and outlines of The Galactic Fleet revealing to all of us.

Everyone else around me was freaked, as they usually are in my Galactic Astral State. I was so excited and Happy! So others around me began to relax, as I ran around looking up in the sky calling, “Hooray! Is it time? Are we here Now?”

I felt Our Galactic Family communicate, they shared with me, as I felt and heard within-

When you connect through your Heart to your Deepest Love of Self, All of your Self, through pure acceptance, compassion of your total Self, and you serve others through this feeling, to Shine your Light, and reflect to them who they are, so they can choose to experience this withIn, then yes, it’s “time”, and you are here. You have arrived....IN this Christed ONE, Crystalline ONE, Light Fractal of ONE, you are Being. This is why you came here at this momen. .

And then.....the next Level begins!

I share this with you, to Inspire You, to go within, mire fully, Now. Your home is within. Your Love is within. There is no other way. Only through Self do you find your Self.

I Love You Passionately

Sonya Wilder

September 2020

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