August 2021 | Emotions Are Your Power! Webinar

Emotions are Energy In Motion. As Humans, we are emotional Beings, which makes us incredibly powerful. But if you're suppressing your emotions, you're not living in balanced health and well being. In this powerful webinar, we are using Quantum Hypnosis, Light Language, and Sonya's Energy Running Healing Technique to find the emotional blockages and heal. This webinar is recorded, so if you cannot attend live, you can receive the Living Recording, which is just as powerful.

July 2021 | Self Discovery - Your Life Purpose Webinar

In this Self Discovery-Your Life Purpose Webinar, we will use Hypnosis to find any blockages that prevent you from living in Now, where Self Discovery is, and all your answers are. There will be Powerful Light Language clearings and activations. This webinar is recorded, so if you cannot attend live, you can receive the Living Recording, which is just as powerful


May 2021 | Manifesting Your Dreams Webinar

In this Manifesting Your Dreams Webinar, I'm sharing the Pleiadean Manifesting practice they recently shared with me, that is aligning my frequency with Abundance. We will use Hypnosis to align with Abundance, Light Language for clearing old programs, activating DNA Light Codes, and the Pleiadean Manifestation practice. This is an exciting webinar! 

April 2021 | Guidance for WayShowers Webinar

As WayShowers, we can feel lonely, isolated, and stuck in our life. We can wonder-What is my Life Purpose? Why am I here? Family and friends typically come to us for wisdom, guidance, therapy, a source of support and direction. 


We have a tendency to set trends, because we're unique, different, stand out amongst the group. Yet we need a community like us. We desire connection, support, and a listening ear. This webinar is for you!


Using Hypnosis, we will dive deep with in our cells to learn why we chose this Life Path, what our True Purpose is. Then using Light Language, we will clear subconscious programs of separation, followed with the New Energy Healing Technique to root and amplify the frequency of Unity Consciousness.



March 2021 | Empowerment Webinar

Source Energy wants us to tune with IN, stand Empowered in our Divine Light, speak our Truth, and come together in Unity as an Awake Collective. I Am called to help you find your Divine Light with IN, activate it, and expand it, as this will reveal your Passions in Life- Your Life Purpose.


We will go deep with IN using Hypnosis, then Light Language Activations to amplify the Light, and finish with the New Energy Healing Technique to increase Divine Light more, and tune us into our Zero Point Heart Center.

February 2021 | Light Language For Awakening Webinar

Many Light Workers are communicating in Light Language now, more than ever. 

In the Spiritual communities, more are speaking, singing, toning, hand signaling, writing, drawing, and dancing Light Language. 


So, what is it? It’s strange to the linear left-brain hemisphere. The left brain wants to know what it means! Isn’t it translatable to my Earthly Human mother tongue? Why am I hearing these sounds, tones, and notes? Where is this amazing music coming from? Why am I seeing these codes, lines and images, these incredible colors I don’t know? Why do I have to speak them, when my left brain is fighting this, not knowing what these strange sounds are about? Why does my hand/s have to draw/write these images and symbols, when my left brain is asking continuously what the heck is this???!!!